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Now You Can Easily Create Your Own Information Products & Maximize Your Profits With One Simple Trick

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  • Why you should create your own info product instead of selling someone else’s
  • The 8 types of info products to create
  • How to create an info product
  • Recommended tools for an information publishing business
  • How to find out exactly what your market wants to buy
  • How negative feedback helps you improve
  • How forums can give you product ideas
  • Surveying your potential customers
  • How to package your information product
  • How to BOOST your profits with a product funnel
  • Do Bonuses Make Your More Sales?
  • How to price your information product for MAXIMUM PROFITS
  • Create money on demand ” with one hand tied behind your back, blindfolded
  • Earn money while sleeping “ or on vacation
  • Very small start-up budget required
  • You can become an authority or celebrity in your niche
  • Easy to understand/newbie friendly


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